Do you find it difficult to achieve real results from your meetings or work sessions?

The Problem

Meetings or work sessions which suck all our energy. 

Ones where one or two people’s ideas always dominate. And everyone else is window dressing.

Meetings that are lists of instructions or boring progress reports.

And those where everyone is in love with the shape of the problem, it runs over time and still no decisions have been made. So, they book another session to make some decisions…or they rush through some meaningless actions.

people interacting around desk using paper and coloured pens

What’s the Solution?

The solution is skilfully facilitated meetings and work sessions. Ones in which:

Everyone is engaged throughoutAll voices are heard and valuedWisdom and creativity are unlocked
The purpose is clear, and the process focussedBoth visible and hidden constraints are resolvedClear decisions are made with buy-in
The outcome exceeds expectations

What enables this? 

It starts with having some facilitation tools & techniques (the science), however that only takes one so far.

The magic really happens when we have developed the art of facilitation, and when we blend that with the science.

The art, as in all art, is difficult to describe, it’s an understanding and awareness of yourself and the others in the room; authenticity, and a confidence, in your unique facilitator style; the ability to adjust your plan and the tools that you use, in the moment, to steer the session towards better outcomes; and underlying all of it is the subtle ability to create a safe space that enables people to bring of their best.

When this magical combination happens, you notice:

  • Everyone quickly shifts into a state of ‘being present’
  • Participants contribute from their strengths and their hearts
  • Ideas are generated and solutions found
  • Constructive disagreement takes place, so that
  • clear decisions can be reached with buy in from everyone;
  • real outcomes are achieved faster;
  • trust, collaboration and accountability grows; and
  • new effective behaviour results, and continues beyond the session.

Do you want to be able to do this? You can.

Learn how in Masterful Facilitator Fundamentals

The Masterful Facilitator (Fundamentals) is an intermediate level programme for facilitators, team coaches, change agents and leaders who are ready to take their current skills and knowledge for facilitating teams or groups, to a professional level.

It is an experiential, active learning programme that addresses the challenges experienced in getting real change; in action, behaviour and results, to emerge from group work sessions.

Participants learn to bring magic into any room: virtual or face-to-face.

You’ll learn:

• to establish safety and trust so participants engage fully 

• to guide a group/team to engage in the robust interaction that is essential for continuous improvement, high performing teams, and getting results out of any work session 

• to safely surface the ‘elephants in the room’ so the real issues can be resolved 

a process for effective conflict management 

• to avoid the common pitfalls of facilitation 

awareness of your own role in the group dynamics

• to create the springboard for real change in actions and behaviours 

new tools, activities, techniques and structures (for virtual and face-to-face sessions)

• to blend the art and the science of facilitation to develop your mastery

collaboration on a digital whiteboard

How does it work?

The programme begins with an orientation session and self-paced prework to prepare you for the four half-day action learning workshops. The workshop learning is reinforced by practising between workshops, and a 90 minute group coaching session.

Each workshop is designed for deep, practical learning. Because this experiential learning journey is spread over five weeks you’ll have time and support to learn, practise and integrate your new facilitation skills into your work.

This is a very effective way of learning.

You will experience deep engagement and collaboration in a virtual room, whilst becoming comfortable with digital tools; and learning to masterfully facilitate both virtual and face-to-face sessions. 

What you require:

The following requirements are necessary, not just optional,  😊  to ensure that both yourself and your fellow participants receive full value from the course. 

  • At least six months prior experience facilitating in any context – this could be as simple as facilitating the weekly meeting or as comprehensive as leading workshops – what is important to us is that you have found some tools that work for you, and already experienced some of the challenges of being an effective facilitator
  • Reliable internet connection – we don’t want to lose you
  • Desktop or laptop with camera – tablets and cell phones will not support the required learning environment, engagement and participation
  • The current version of the Zoom desktop application installed on your desktop/laptop – you need all the features to work
  • Open access to connect to our Miro environment (no account or installation required) – if you are connecting through the company network please ask IT to help you test access 
  • A quiet, private space from which to connect – we want you to be able to be focus and participate comfortably
an open sketch book with a blue lump of moulding clay sitting on top of the sketch of a lightbulboulding clay

Dates and times to reserve in your calendar

Kick off session60 minsTBCTBC
Workshop 1 four hours TBCTBC
Workshop 2four hoursTBCTBC
Workshop 3 four hoursTBCTBC
Workshop 4four hoursTBCTBC
Coaching session90 minsTBCTBC
During the workshops we have short breaks every hour, lots of movement and variety so we can all remain energised and focused.

Private, in-house programmes can be arranged.

Your investment

R9800.00 excl VAT


6 online immersive, experiential, workshopshandouts and worksheetsself-paced application practice exercises
pdfs of all content used during sessionsonline support, during and after the programmemembership of a private facilitator community space
certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy

In the case of cancellation a percentage of the full fee will be due. Between 21 and 14 days prior to the date of the first session 50% will be due. Between 14 and 0 days prior to the date of the first session 100% will be due. Substitutions are welcome. Of course, if for whatever reason we’re unable to host the workshop, you will receive a full refund.


This is a participatory, action learning and self-reflective programme which does not lend itself to recording. You need to fully attend each session to receive the benefit. 

person with open laptop pointing at words on paper that other person is writing on

Feedback from previous Masterful Facilitator participants

“Actually “doing” it increased the learning. The tools and practical exercises are enforcing the teaching. Makes it easy to make it your own.”

“Absolutely awesome. My questions were answered, my confidence in my skills restored, but mostly I have a structure to work by and tools to help me.”

“Every cent and time invested in it was worth it because I feel empowered to be a better facilitator and know how to engage people more. I will wow people as a facilitator.”

Become a Master Facilitator

Meet your facilitators

photo Regina Martens

Regina Martins

Regina aims for continuous improvement in her personal and professional lives and her daily mantra is to be a better version of herself each and every day. She is an Agile coach, trainer and facilitator, and gets energised when she’s involved in facilitating teams of all shapes and sizes to steer for better outcomes.

She started her career in banking and moved into ICT about 18 years ago where she has fulfilled many roles. Recently she led a software development team to successfully deliver strategic change to a bank in Mauritius using Lean and Agile methods.

As a facilitator and coach she spends much time getting teams from across the organisational hierarchies to communicate effectively. As a Radical Collaborator she also coaches people to get rid of defensiveness to collaborate better with each other and with other teams.

She regularly speaks at conferences locally and internationally.


photo Alison Gitelson

Alison Gitelson

Alison is a maximizer who hates to see abilities, time or effort wasted. She is a master facilitator with 11 years of experience developing high performing teams, resolving conflict, uncovering the wisdom in the room and enabling personal growth. 

Alison began her professional life as an optometrist. Careers in ICT and transformation followed as she developed a successful technical and management track record. In 2005 she began, CanBeeDone – a management consulting and leadership development practice – in order to use her knowledge and experience to help people find their best way of working so they, the business and our economy can thrive.

Alison has a special interest in high stakes facilitation and in assisting change agents to become master facilitators. In 2015 she co-founded Open Community Encounters, an initiative to improve tolerance, communication and healing amongst South Africans. 



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